Pilar Primo de Rivera

Madrid, 1907-1991
Pilar Primo de Rivera was the leader of the Sección Femenina de Falange. This group was active between the 1930s and the early 1980s. Her education project for women was full of contradictions. The antifeminist views she sponsored in her public appearances clashed with the emancipatory ideas that would eventually come out from the young SF generations and that she would echo. Her ideology was conservative and linked to eugenics.


We were a militia, an army of women.
Pilar Primo de Rivera followed the ideology bequeathed to her by her brother José Antonio Primo de Rivera. Members of the Sección Femenina represented pure and reactionary falangism. As an alternive to a sociopolitical system based on democracy, Falange proposed an authoritarian estate model based on three pillars: family, community, and homeland. The falangist estate would aim to restore the conservative imperial ideal of a Catholic Spain.
All Spanish women had to participate in our programme.
Despite the air of liberation and modernity many consider the SF to have, used actually to benefit a few, Falange women are not independent in the least: they do not belong to a sovereign organisation but to the Movimiento. They submit themselves to its hierarchies and allow it to educate them and practically guard them in any political forum.
I am a practising Catholic but I am no fanatic.
The SF´s discourse had it as its mission to make Spanish women strong and healthy in order to increase Spanish population and improve the race. This aim would be achieved by bettering health, hygiene, nutrition and good customs as well as by practising sports. This was a sort of positive eugenics in which neither abortion nor birth control were contemplated.
Consuelo Trujillo
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