CartasVivas is an free online audiovisual testimonial library for knowledge and debate. Its contents are alive and will gradually grow in series of CartasVivas that portray 20th-century female thinkers, authors and artists. A CartaViva is an audiovisual portrait constructed after studying these women and their work, via an excellent actress getting into the character and performing her in front of the camera. CartasVivas explores women who played a key part in the twentieth century or actively participated in the social and literary world of Spain and Latin America. Our project shows contributions, contradictions, difficulties, achievements, mistakes, lights and shadows. Here you will find a great diversity of characters who shared the tense modernity of the twentieth century: voices from history, women’s memory made into image and voice.

How do we work and what is our methodology? We choose women who have played a significant role and revise their works, their contribution and their testimonial writing. We then develop a script using their writing. We think about the script as a letter from the past to the present. It sums up the character. We then chose an actress to perform the character. We also use our research to elaborate a specific aesthetic proposal for every CartasVivas series. Academics and students work together as a team from pre- to post-production. Filming day is a study day. We exchange knowledge on women’s history, memory and audiovisual communication. Communication between Exeter and Barcelona flows when we are not filming so that the final product is a solid tool to further memory studies.

A project of...


Directors and script-researchers:
Paula Ortiz and Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles 

Technical Director:
Sergio Villanueva Baselga 

Executive Producer:
Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles 

Nuria Capdevila-Argüelles and Lydia Sánchez 

Jaume E. Vilaseca Corderroure, Francesc Llinares, Adrien Fauré and Jose María Cabello

Graphic Design and illustration:
Jesús Bosqued

Comunication Strategy:
Julia Sánchez Cancelo and Javier Expósito Lorenzo

Translation Coordinator:
Isabel Santafé 

Web Design:
Maria Beltran

Voice Arroz con leche:
Lisa Campos Sánchez


Carlos Aguilar Paredes, Marian Aldaz,
Borja Baselga, Ángel Borrego,
Jonathan Bradbury, Sanja Djerasimovic,
Fran Garcerá, Javier Expósito Lorenzo,
Eva Moreno Lago, Miquel Térmens, Adam Watt