Concha Méndez

Madrid, 1898 – Ciudad de México, 1986

Concha Méndez was an exemplary modern woman. A traveller, poet, playwright and editor, she created the journal Héroe with her husband. This publication joined key Generación del 27 names. She became independent when young and after marrying she worked in her printing press dressed in the famous blue overalls. Although she visited Spain in the 1960s, she lived in Mexico until her death.


It is important to see the world, a lot of the world until it is almost completely explored, and then the forest or the solitary island, and then love.
Concha Méndez’s emancipation is related to her wish to travel as much as her desire to write. Her self-confidence shines through in the discourse of a young woman strongly aware firstly of the development of her literary project and her own voice and, secondly, of the importance of nourishing this process with life experience.
I don't know what direction my life will take. Maybe I'll travel to God knows where. Travel, travel and live.
Before 1936 Concha Méndez’s achievements were substantial. Living is an adventure for her. If someone had told her when she was an adolescent destined to become the lady of the house that she would grow to feel in control of her own destiny she would not have believed it. She saw herself as a citizen of the world and safe in it. She embraced her work as an editor as central to her personal literary project and to her life with her partner. Hers would be, she thought, a marriage between equals.
We are getting lonely. Every year that passes is overwhelming, a sign that our people are leaving and that those who come after have almost nothing in common with us.
Years in exile have passed. Concha Méndez’s voice has changed. War trauma and defeat are among her past experiences. She seems not to be sure that the intensity of lived experiences has been good for her. Her tone has something of a lament, undoubtedly influenced by solitude. However, her vitality resurfaces and, in her old age, she affirms the value of her past.

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